Five Star Luxury, Unzipped

“I decided that the true luxury of this high-end summer camp is not its control over nature, but the lengths to which it goes to poetically frame it.”
Zander Abranowicz, Travel & Leisure

Deluxe Family Tents

Deluxe family describes a new hybrid of the ensuite and deluxe, where the interior living area mimics the ensuites, and a private adjoining bath contains a sink, toilet and shower. Deluxe family tents promise king bed comfort plus a queen sofa bed, A remote-controlled propane-fuelled cast iron ‘woodstove’, vintage oil lamps and candles set in sparkling antique silver and crystal provide authentic period lighting and ambiance - complementing electric light and amenities.

Spring Morning Far Side Ensuites

Antique furnishings and accessories dominate, but mingle with live-edge and great camp accents, to create an authentically westcoast Canadian style.  A small antique writing desk adds an extra bit of charm and creative inspiration.  Private decks, enveloped by the rainforest and furnished with Muskoka-style chairs offer sanctuary and magnificent quiet.  We have just two deluxe family tents.

All guest tents provide plush robes, slippers, spa slippers, hair dryer, all-natural amenities (shampoo, lotion, conditioner, cotton balls, q-tips), all-natural sunscreen (for children and adults), all-natural insect repellent lotion and spray, ultra-fluffy white cotton towels, and laundry service.  AC plugs for hairdryers, and for charging phones and laptops are located in the bathroom and throughout the living area.

A smaller, deluxe-class tent, with queen bed, beautiful vintage furnishings and adjoining three-piece bathroom is tucked away at the edge of the estuary - popular as an in-law or kids tent when the waterfront ensuite tent next to it is reserved in tandem.

Unplugged by choice:  Though not advertised, complimentary guest wireless is available in all guest and lounge tents, and environs.  To encourage complete relaxation, and to respect the intimate, low-tech nature of the resort experience, wireless is not available in dining tents, the spa, or the Cookhouse.


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