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“It’s a wild, Waltons-esque wonderland, the most exhilarating outdoorsy playground”
Conde Nast Traveller UK

River Fishing

The Bedwell, Cypre and Megin river systems offer a wide range of possibilities and species. Close to camp, the Bedwell River is the ideal location to practice, and late in the season is most popular during the salmon run.  The Megin and Cypre rivers are best accessed be helicopter and offer the best possibility of finding resident cutthroat and rainbow trout.  The two rivers produce salmon and steelhead runs as well - salmon starting in August, with steelhead running intermittently.

Experienced guides know which species are running and where, so if river fishing is your passion, plan your visit around expected runs. Fly-in/fly-out trips are best enjoyed for a full-day and include a gourmet lunch enjoyed perched on a log on a gravel bar - paradise!  Resort guides are well-versed in conventional angling technique, traditions and gear.  Equipment, including waders, provided. Transportation surcharges apply only to fly-in/fly-out trips.

Langereis Secret Spot3
Giant Blue Ling Cod

Ocean Fishing

Clayoquot Sound may be well-known for big trees, but it also known for big fish. We offer in-shore ocean fishing all season, targeting Coho and Chinook salmon with traditional trolling gear.   Giant blue ling cod and halibut are hard-won and coveted. Success varies by species and with sea-state, tides and seasons. Fuel charges apply to deep-sea ocean fishing.

Our fishing guides are renowned for knowing just where the fish are, what mood they’re in, and what lure or bait to use - so while there are no absolute guarantees, anglers and observers alike generally come back smiling - sometimes immensely.  All  gear, instruction, boats, equipment and luck are provided. Fishing licenses available at resort. Half-day in-shore excursions included in all resort packages.

Salmon Fishing Happy Guest
Cutthroat Trout

Lake Fishing

Fly-in to fish beautiful Bolson, Megin and Pretty Girl Lakes, all abundant sources of cutthroat and rainbow trout, and all idyllically situated in the mountains surrounding the resort.  Spend the day fishing in ernest, paddling around quietly in search of feeding trout, lounging in the sun, or cooling off in the water.  Enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch. Equipment, including waders, provided. Half day and full day excursions.  Lake are accessible by air only so this activity is offered as an a la carte heli-fishing adventure.

Young people love to fish off the dock and can easily reel away an afternoon or two. The bridge is a favourite spot to sit and jig within sight of the cookhouse, but far enough away to inspire freedom.