Family Friendly

“For the travelling family that’s been there and done that … it’s a place to reconnect with the natural world and to each other”


During the months of July and August especially, families from all over the world, and families who are themselves spread far and wide, gather at the resort for coveted, uninterrupted family time.  Some families return annually, some every other year, and some put all of their considerable energy into one spectacular, life-changing visit.

Families share similar sentiments about the quality and quantity of opportunities to be together and to share, in ways that make all ages and inclinations happy and fulfilled.  Whether families undertake acitvities together, at levels scaled to suit varying inclinations, or if they recreate entirely separately, they experience happiness on a kind of continuum that exists here on this property organically, as if by magic.  Resort proprietor Richard Genovese attibutes the phenomenon to “an amazing energy created by a compounding accumulation of joy and happiness.”

Family Vacation
Kids Playing in Cookhouse

We can’t prove the math, but we see the results all season long as small and large, young and older family groups, multi-generational and reunion groups, leave the resort so fulfilled and happy.  Most activities are scalable, with built in flexibility for a range of ages, ability levels and inclinations.  Visit our individual adventure pages for information related to each activity and its suitability for children, families, groups.,etc.

We appreciate too how family leaders, aka parents and grandparents need some alone-time built into family travel, so we have a covered s’more pit for apre-dinner fun, a fabulous games tent with low-tech new and old-fashioned games of skill and chance (and no TV), a family billiards tent within sight but out of earshot of the Cookhouse, and all sorts of games and guided activities for young people - that just happen to coincide with pre-dinner cocktail or massage time.

The Outpost property is vast at +600-acres, but the main area where the guest tents, cookhouse and common area are, is separated from the river valley by a bridge.  The main area is is very treed and green and watery, with beaches, estuary, rainforest and such to play in - giving children a sense of independence in a natural environment worth exploring.  Not far from parents, but far enough to guarantee that sense of wonder that is all but lost to urban children today.

Bike riding, trampolining (sunken, at ground-level and netted), outdoor ping pong, horseshoes, tree platform climbing and rappelling, rock climbing, bridge jumping, fairy house hunting, rock skipping, SUP, kayaking and more can be enjoyed in and around the main area.  And the best part for many children - the bear dogs - allways keen for a game of sleep-inducing chase on the Cookhouse lawn.

Boys and Maui
Multi Generation Family Celebration

If a family reunion, milestone birthday, renewal of vows or other joyous reason to get together is on the horizon, we invite you to be in touch and initiate the planning of your custom-built, personalized family vacation of a lifetime.  Also visit our facilities page for detailed information about tent and reception area capacities, resort layout and where deluxe family tents are located.

To read testimonials and comments written by current and previous family guests and groups, visit our guest book page.

To learn about peak season Family that Stays Together, Saves Together savings of up to $1000 per night, visit our rate page.

The Family That Stays Together Saves Together

Ensuite and Deluxe Tents are really pretty roomy and the queen-size sofas beds are very comfortable, so if you are traveling with older or grown children and wish to share a tent just like when they were small, we will make it worth your while. Save $500 per night, per add-on person sharing.  Minimum three per tent, maximum four (king bed, queen pull-out and/or single cot). That’s a savings of at least $500 and as much as $1000 per night.  Offer valid during 2017 peak season stays only.