Restore Your Nature Deficit

“It’s a wild, Waltons-esque wonderland, the most exhilarating outdoorsy playground”
Conde Nast Traveller UK

DIY Aerial Adventure

Design your own sky-high or far-off hiking, kayaking, remote-beaching, yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, sightseeing, breathtaking heli-adventure.  Full or half-day heli-activitity recommendations change daily with the seasons, weather, wildlife sightings, etc.  Perhaps a day trip, via Bell Jet Ranger helicopter to the Kennedy River system:  Take a beautiful sightseeing trip to Kennedy Lake and spend the day with a trained wilderness guide, journeying by inflatable kayaks, the length of the lake, down through the river, and out into the Pacific Ocean, where your heli-chariot awaits to take you back to the Outpost.

Heli Adventures Inflatable Kayaks
Remote Beaching Helicopter Birds

Fly to a remote and desserted beach where your only company will be your experienced guide, your own thoughts, and wolf tracks in the sand. Spend as much time as you like taking photos, sitting quietly, exploring the foreshore, picnicing on the beach, visiting sea caves, and doing absolutely nothing at all in perfect, quiet isolation.  Return to the Outpost at the time of your choosing – your ride will arrive as ordered, for a beautiful and scenic aerial tour back, in time for your massage, cocktails, and pre-dinner lounging

Heli-hike or heli-picnic in an alpine meadow with a lake so clear and blue you can’t believe its real. Land so high you can track the sun all day long, from its gentle ascent, to its magnificent set behind the Vancouver Island range.  Explore the alpine eco-system, so beautiful and delicate in spite of its ability to withstand fierce winter winds and acres of snow.  Stay a half-day and return to the Outpost to ride horses or kayak, or stay out all day if you like.  Your wilderness guide is yours for the day, if you choose.

A la carte aerial adventures includes return helicopter passage, experienced wilderness guide, gear, equipment, gourmet lunch, beverages.  $1000 pp plus taxes.  Minimum three persons

Heli Hike Alpine Lake
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