Breathe Deep the Energy of the Ages

“Consider this lodge in the Canadian wilderness a spa for your soul”
Greg Norman’s


Naturally sourced Vitamin N (nature)

Empirical data returned from wellness studies undertaken all over the world, is proving what ancient wisdom has been telling us about the physical and mental health benefits of spending time in nature – that it’s good for us. And it is.

Naturally sourced Vitamin N recalibrates: helps boost our immune system, reduces stress and blood pressure, elevates focus and mood, accelerates healing, and improves our sleep/wake balance. By its very definition, wellness is the achievement of balance of the mind, spirit and body that results in overall well-being.

Globe Carrots Jar
Heli-Hiking Jump

Forest bathing (inhaling beneficial phytoncides), active and passive meditation in forests – especially old-growth forests, un-plugging (from technology) by choice, sleeping outdoors (tenting), nourishing your body with natural-source and organic foods, massaging your body, challenging your body, thrilling your psyche, immersing yourself in a demonstrably remote and authentically wild environment, childlike play, and doing nothing at all but very well, are all prescriptives for improved wellness.

Here, all of that comes naturally.