Breathe Deep the Energy of the Ages

“Consider this lodge in the Canadian wilderness a spa for your soul”
Greg Norman’s


All resort packages include a 60-minute full-body relaxation massage, but should the rainforest seduce you into her gentle rythym of immersion-inspired wellness, we offer a selection of guest-directed therapies and treatments as well. Thai, shiatsu, ashiatsu and hot stone massage, toning facial and body treatments, and a luxurious hot towel and straight razor shave for gentlemen, are favourites.

Massage Woman


Relaxation Massage Full body massage to melt away stress, calm the mind and transport you to a  state of bliss. 60 min $150 90 min $195
Thai Massage This ancient form of oil-free bodywork relieves tension, improves flexibility and muscle tone, and helps adjust skeletal structure. Working on a floor mat, the therapist works at a slow, rhythmic pace using palms, forearms, knees and feet to stretch  and rock the body.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing, to allow ease of movement. 60 min $150 90 min $195
Deep Tissue Massage Regenerate body and soul with this powerful treatment that targets deep down to relieve chronic muscle tension, and reduce stress and strain. 60 min $150 90 min $195
Hot Stone Massage A relaxation massage enhanced by the application of heated basalt stones produced by ancient volcanoes.  The therapist gently places warmed stones on specific zones where mention is held, allowing muscles and tissues to soften and let go. 60 min $150 90 min $195

Facial Treatments

Fresh Face Rehydrate, renew and de-stress with our healing Yon-Ka facial, designed to your skin’s specific needs. 90 min $160
Straight Razor Shave Indulge in the luxurious, bespoke art of the hot towel straight razor shave. Luxuriate, relax and rejuvenate your senses. 45 min $85

Body Treatments

Phyto Fermete Forming & Smoothing Body Treatment
A veritable boost that targets sagging skin by stimulating firmness of the body. Targeted Yon-Ka techniques use concentrated active ingredients – primarily rosemary, for its skin firming properties, in combination with regenerative hops, sage, beech buds, silicon and anti-free-radical vitamins E.
90 min $185

Hands & Feet

Manicure or Pedicure Soak, clip, file, treat cuticles & calluses. Luscious hand & arm or foot & leg massage. Buff & polish 60 min $130

We use only Yon-Ka Paris skin care for face, body and sun for men and women, imagined and developed by a Parisian family driven by a passion for botanicals. The brand pioneered aromatherapy, essential oils therapy, phytotherapy (plant) and phytempryotherapy (vegetal) – combining five essential oils with other natural ingredients, to produce exceptional healing and restorative results.  Yon-Ka Paris has been perfecting skin care since 1954.