Five Star Luxury, Unzipped

“I decided that the true luxury of this high-end summer camp is not its control over nature, but the lengths to which it goes to poetically frame it.”
Zander Abranowicz, Travel & Leisure


From pre-dawn until long past midnight, the vast log Cookhouse is a hub of gentle and racous activity, and all manner of nourishment and libation.  Floor to ceiling windows on two sides overlook the stunning and ever-changing estuary, a beautifully soft sloping lawn, and charming gardens.  Wrap-around decks connect the Cookhouse to the new Ivan Hoe waterfront lounge, the much-loved fireside lounge, two dining tents, Healing Grounds Spa compound, games tent, activities tent, and the billiards tent.  A network of cedar boardwalks, crafted from salvaged old-growth cedar, lead to guests tents along the water and up into the forested hillside.

Cookhouse Exterior
Outpost Dining Tent

At the valley end of the Cookhouse, a signature double-sided drystack fireplace bids guests good morning and goodnight, and becomes, for everyone, the default gathering place.  Outside, groupings of overstuffed vintage sofas and great sinky arm chairs invite settling. Overhead heaters and vast quantities of alder and yellow cedar kept burning all day and evening, keep the chill off cooler days.  Inside, on most days, the hearth nurtures long-simmering cast-iron stewpots, or staked sides of salmon smoking slowly over alder-wood embers.

Every afternoon at 4pm in the outdoor lounge, Chefs set-out an impressive buffet of small plates, paired wines, barrel-aged cocktails, hot beverages and non-alcoholic refreshments. Guests come and go through the late afternoon – from activities, spa, lounging, wandering and doing nothing much at all – passing through the fireside lounge to dinner in the Cookhouse or one of the dining tents.  Dining tables – all with magnificent views – line the perimeter of the Cookhouse, and elevated seating lines the entire length of the working open kitchen.

A single, coveted eight-top on the fireside deck can be reserved for private dining.   Guests are encouraged to experience all three dining venues, and spend at least one meal at the kitchen bar, in animated conversation with Chefs.

Outdoor Lounge Table