Restore Your Nature Deficit

“It’s a wild, Waltons-esque wonderland, the most exhilarating outdoorsy playground”
Conde Nast Traveller UK

Guided Fly Fishing

Resort guides know where the so-called secret spots are, and they guard them ferociously. The very best rivers and remote lakes for productive catch-and-release fly fishing are accessible only by helicopter, and they are stunning. Hemingway himself would have loved heli-fly fishing in and around the sound.  Beautiful, pristine rivers and lakes, virtually untouched and un-known, where gorgeous deep green pools, shady eddies, and rocky riffles are the stuff of legend.  Singles, couples, corporate groups, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, all love guided fly fishing. It must be something in the water…

Jonathan Guided Fishing
Langereis and Bertrand Chinook Secret Spot

The best spots to fish and for what, change with the seasons, the weather and the mood of the rainforest, so let our ultra-experienced, ultra-intuitive guides be your guide.  We promise an unforgettable guided heli-fishing adventure, if you promise not to geo-track or tell anyone whom you wouldn’t trust with your spouse, where exactly on the lake or river, you’ve been. This guest-submitted photo, by-lined chartreuse intruder pattern - chinook caught on sage ‘one’ Spey rod, proves that fly fishing can indeed equal happiness.   A la carte guided fishing packages include return helicopter passage, fishing guide, all equipment and waders, gourmet lunch, beverages.  Plus applicable taxes.

Popular and prolific heli-fishing adventures:
Bolson to Tranquille or Megin River - two or three people - full day $6,000
Bolson to Tranquille or Megin River - two or three people - half day $4,500
Bolson or Tranquille - single location - two or three people - half day $3,200