Restore Your Nature Deficit

“It’s a wild, Waltons-esque wonderland, the most exhilarating outdoorsy playground”
Conde Nast Traveller UK

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Exploring the lower Bedwell River or estuary by stand-up paddle board is a great way to get up close and personal with nature.  Stand, sit or kneel on hard or inflatable SUPs, and take your time.  Look straight down a through the crystal clear, clean waters and into the sea grass where herons and common mergansers dive for small fish. River otters, martens, black bear and many other creatures call the estuary home and can be found wandering, especially early in the morning and late afternoon.  Scenery and wildlife opportunities change with the tides.

SUP Estuary Bajou
Paddle Boarding Joe and Honey

When the tides are higher, paddle up to the valley end of the estuary, and if they aren’t too high - straight right under the valley bridge into the mossy green shallows of our lush Bedwell Bayou.  Or, head up-river just a bit and hang a left north, and up past the spa and ensuite tents, along the shallow back-channel.  Venture father out into the sound and the marinescape changes dramatically.  Harbour porpoises, seals, sea others and other curious creatures often swim alongside.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (Estuary)

Duration (hours) Distance (km) Distance (miles) Elevation Gain (metres) Elevation Gain (feet) Difficult
A 0 - 3 i 0 - 2 i 0 - 1 1 10 - 200 1 30 - 650 a easy
B 3 - 5 ii 2 - 5 ii 1 - 3 2 200 - 400 2 650 - 1300 b moderate
C 5 - 7 iii 5 - 8 iii 3 - 5 3 400 - 600 3 1300 - 2000 c difficult
D 7 + iv 8 + iv 5 + 4 600 + 4 2000 + d advanced

An individual, group or family activity that takes between one and two hours.  A great activity to combine with sea kayaking.  Maximum capacity is 16 guests using a combination of hard top and inflatable boards.