Restore Your Nature Deficit

“It’s a wild, Waltons-esque wonderland, the most exhilarating outdoorsy playground”
Conde Nast Traveller UK


Undertaking simple, non goal-oriented, restorative activities, on a regular basis, uninterrupted and without distraction is as important as regular, goal-oriented exercise.  Spending time in nature passively, just taking it all in, walking through the rainforest or slowly paddling the still waters of the estuary can be beautifully restorative, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and create a sense of wellbeing.

Spending time in nature is good for us. Sleeping outside on the grass, napping in the sun, singing around a campfire, doing yoga outdoors, breathing deep the energy of the ages, and finding balance are things we should make time for.  Impossible in the city or the most luxurious of hotels, as there is always noise, always distraction, always something on the periphery distorting clarity and preventing absolute surrender.

Guitar Jam

It is impossible to describe the sense of pure and absolute bliss that comes from sitting alone on a truly deserted remote beach, or wading through old-growth forest moss so deep it visibly exhales super-oxygenated air, but it happens here everyday.  Guests return year after year for their annual dose of naturally-sourced happiness we call Vitamin N

It is tempting to want to pack vacation days with every included activity on the menu, but we advise guests to slow down for at least one afternoon - take time to walk slowly, breath deeply, commit to memory the sense of well-being, and not to forget to smell the wild roses.  Visit our wellness page for more information.