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Whale Whisperer
Of the hundreds of thousands of words I have written over these past three years as a writer for Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts, too few have been about general manager "Cowboy" John Caton. [more]

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What's Cooking for 2001 Season
If you had asked resort Chef Timothy E. May at the end of November, what his plans were for the off-season, he likely would have answered "to sleep for two months". And sure enough, he did retreat to his A-frame overlooking the bay, showing neither hide nor hair for two or three days. [more]

Resort To Offer Spa Cuisine

Effective spring 2001, Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts will be offering Spa Cuisine to guests so inclined. [more]

Private Labels

Last year, the resorts offered two private label wines. Both wines, the Hester Creek Chardonnay and the Hester Creek Cabernet Franc offered guests extraordinary value. [more]

Local Flavour: Grilled Oyster Chowder with Cumin and Thyme

12 medium oysters, grilled, 500 ml vegetable stock ... [more]

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Modern Natural Wonder
It seems only fitting that the second installment in our Cast of Characters series on remarkable resort personalities, should be about our world-renowned Executive Chef, Timothy May. [more]

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What's Cooking for 2002 Season
As if the expansion of the Outpost and the addition of a new Longhouse kitchen weren't plateful enough for Executive Chef Timothy May, he's added a culinary category to the 2002 line-up of resort activities. Watch for Cooking Demo's (lessons) for groups or six or more, with themes like Resort Spa, or Seafood Summer, or his trademark Modern Natural Cuisine. [more]

Local Flavour: Lentil-Crusted Halibut with baby shrimp and arugula chiffonade
4 six-ounce halibut steaks, 1 clove garlic, minced ... [more]

Off-The-Beaten-Path: Gourmet Getaway
This new season introduces Chef May�s brilliant new Gourmet Getaway, and off-the-beaten-path version of the famous �Gourmet Trail�. [more]

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Local Flavour: Chef May's Legendary Pancakes
We get so many requests for this recipe for "incredibly fluffy" pancakes, we thought we should include it here. [more]

Outpost Fireball

Rim a heatproof mug with berry (fine) sugar, Fill 3/4 full with good quality, hot coffee ... [more]

Premium Upgrades

Chef’s pet project is his reserve wine cellar, and he’s eager to introduce the 2003 wine list. [more]

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Local Flavour: Grilled Clayoquot Salmon with Thyme Potato Hash and Lentil Ragout
If you happened to pick-up the November 2002 issue of Delicious Living magazine, you would have come across Executive Chef Tim May's recipe for grilled salmon a la Quait Bay. Here it is again. [more]

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Wild At Heart: Tying the Knot in the Wilderness
A dear friend of the resorts tied the proverbial knot this summer at the Outpost. Deborah Upton, principal of Rare Indigo Destination Marketing Inc. of Vancouver, and her fiance, retired Engineer Charlie Savedoff were married August 3rd. [more]

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Dickson Coatsworth & Ron Gibson
With each volume of the Sounder, we shed light on the private side of a chosen staffer. In this issue, we introduce two personalities. The men at the helm of two favourite pastimes - the undertaking of adventure, and the consumption of wine. [more]

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Local Flavour: Pear and Parsnip Soup with truffle oil and oregano
One of Chef May's most requested recipes Because you won't have Chef's house-made vegetable broth as a base, results may vary. An excellent soup none-the-less. [more]

Grape News
Wine guy Ron Gibson announced recently that he�s planning on hosting over 400 wine labels at Quait Bay next season, over 50% of which will be from the Pacific Northwest. [more]

Entr�e Canada & Resort Chef Collaborate on Gourmet Getaway
Following a long-simmering but very successful association with Entrée Canada - one of North America’s top-drawer purveyors of luxury travel packages—the resorts joined forces with a handful of other four-star properties and experiences to build Entrée’s Adventures for the Gourmet excursion to Vancouver, Whistler, and Vancouver Island. [more]

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Restoring the Bedwell Basin
Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts' owner, The Genovese Family Trust recently embarked on a five-year plan to restore 6.4 kilometres of critical spawning habitats in the Bedwell River Basin. A private sector initiative conceived and led by resorts GM John Caton, that is being welcomed and applauded by Provincial and Federal agencies and First Nations leaders, and is as far as we know, the only one of its kind in British Columbia. [more]

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Raptor's Rhapsody
You wouldn't be wrong if that call of the wild you hear at the Wilderness Outpost at Bedwell River next season is particularly poignant. If all goes according to plan, those calls will come from one of many raptors staged there in Transition Flight Pens built by the resorts for OWL - the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, headquartered in Delta, British Columbia. [more]

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A Closer Look at a Favourite Staffer
It is remarkable how certain words resonate with us throughout our lives; words that, through some landmark incident, shed conventional definition and re-dress in special meaning. It is the sum of such uniquely personal word-cues and memory-triggers that define us; they illustrate our biographies and weave the very fabric of our lives. [more]

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Hot Off The Grill: Grilled Maple Balsamic Salmon Brochettes with Oranges
A posse of us stood with Executive Chef Tim May this past February, watching jack-of-all-trades John (Cowboy) Caton wrangle wet concrete from the resorts' huge cement truck, down into floor-forms laid in preparation for the new ranch-style Cookhouse. As we celebrated the pour, Chef told us of his plans for the massive new kitchen, and that, after six years at Quait Bay, he had assigned himself fulltime to the Outpost. [more]

Grilled Maple Balsamic Salmon Brochettes with Oranges
For The Marinade: 1 small onion, quartered, 2 cloves garlic, peeled ... [more]

Oysters To Go
If you were lucky enough to be at the resorts on a day when John or Adele offered guests samplings of their giant Mosquito Bay alder-smoked and secret-recipe-marinated pacific oysters, you have a sensory memory of heaven. [more]

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Creating a Legacy
In the last issue of the Sounder we introduced readers to Mike Wright, BSb, independent fisheries biologist contracted by Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts & Spa to develop and oversee the Salmon Habitat Restoration Project, one of five environmental stewardships that make up the resorts' five-year, $3 million dollar Environmental Legacy Program. [more]

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Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Green?
Promises to love and honour may soon be joined by a commitment to the environment, according to the latest trend in nuptual planning. "Brides, most especially more educated ones, consider possible environmental impacts at every stage of the planning process," says resorts co-general manager Adele Caton, "right down to the honeymoon destination." [more]

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The Sounder Newsletter - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts

Green Chip Companies Set the New Gold Standard
As we grow into the so-called �enlightened� 21st century, it is increasingly apparent that so many of us still, are not. In our collective search for bigger, better, faster and more, we are consuming the planet and destroying wildlife. And, for those of us that survived (dare I say, �prospered in�?) the hyper-consumptive 80s�, the road to enlightenment is especially bumpy. [more]

Rainforest Immortality: The Ultimate Gift
Remember when the latest and greatest birthday gift trend was to buy your loved one their very own star to wish upon? I have one. Someone out there in a major or minor cluster of equally anonymous twinklers, an orphan sun has my name on it. A romantic ideal to be sure, but one that benefits only the seller, whom by the way, did not own it in the first place (why didn�t I think of that?). [more]

Seafood Chowder
In hot skillet, saute onion, celery and garlic in 1t olive oil until transparent, adding cumin near the end ... [more]

Sound Advice about Local Supply
Freshness isn�t the only reason that Chef May buys from growers and farmers in and around Clayoquot Sound. Naturally, Chef maintains that freshness is the single most important ingredient in any recipe. [more]

Cast of Characters
As we ceremoniously poured over the dog-eared guestbook at the end of the season, a few things were immediately apparent. First, resort guests really know how to enjoy themselves, and two, they really love Paul Mitchell (no relation to the shampoo guy). [more]

Increase Your Party Appeal!
Sound like a Cosmo cover story? Could be. After all, the idea is to increase your appeal as a coveted dinner party guest. You know, the kind that is funny, charming, and always has the most interesting and important things to say. [more]


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