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About the Resorts Group - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Restoring the Bedwell Basin
Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts' owner, The Genovese Family Trust recently embarked on a five-year plan to restore 6.4 kilometres of critical spawning habitats in the Bedwell River Basin. A private sector initiative conceived and led by resorts GM John Caton, that is being welcomed and applauded by Provincial and Federal agencies and First Nations leaders, and is as far as we know, the only one of its kind in British Columbia. [more]

Raptor's Rhapsody
You wouldn't be wrong if that call of the wild you hear at the Wilderness Outpost at Bedwell River next season is particularly poignant. If all goes according to plan, those calls will come from one of many raptors staged there in Transition Flight Pens built by the resorts for OWL - the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, headquartered in Delta, British Columbia. [more]


Creating a Legacy
In the last issue of the Sounder we introduced readers to Mike Wright, BSb, independent fisheries biologist contracted by Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts & Spa to develop and oversee the Salmon Habitat Restoration Project, one of five environmental stewardships that make up the resorts' five-year, $3 million dollar Environmental Legacy Program. [more]

The Sounder Newsletter - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts

Green Chip Companies Set the New Gold Standard
As we grow into the so-called ‘enlightened’ 21st century, it is increasingly apparent that so many of us still, are not. In our collective search for bigger, better, faster and more, we are consuming the planet and destroying wildlife. And, for those of us that survived (dare I say, ‘prospered in’?) the hyper-consumptive 80s’, the road to enlightenment is especially bumpy. [more]

Rainforest Immortality: The Ultimate Gift
Remember when the latest and greatest birthday gift trend was to buy your loved one their very own star to wish upon? I have one. Someone out there in a major or minor cluster of equally anonymous twinklers, an orphan sun has my name on it. A romantic ideal to be sure, but one that benefits only the seller, whom by the way, did not own it in the first place (why didn’t I think of that?). [more]


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