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About the Resorts Group - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Entr�e Canada & Resort Chef Collaborate on Gourmet Getaway

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Following a long-simmering but very successful association with Entr�e Canada - one of North America�s top-drawer purveyors of luxury travel packages�the resorts joined forces with a handful of other four-star properties and experiences to build Entr�e�s Adventures for the Gourmet excursion to Vancouver, Whistler, and Vancouver Island.

It is hard to be precise about just what constitutes the Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts & Spa leg of the west coast excursion, but suffice it to say that it is deliciously diverse.

"The tastes of our Entr�e Canada culinary adventures linger" says CWRS Executive Chef Timothy May, "In more ways than one. Guests leave us with a definite understanding of the relationships that help define the resorts food and beverage programs. And as self-proclaimed �foodies�, they passionately crave the �insight� (mechanics and magic of sourcing, preparation and presentation) and care as much about it as what is set down in front of them."

What is perhaps most impressive about the Adventures for the Gourmet partnership is that it affords Entree Canada clients a kind of instant cache and back of the house access generally reserved for long-time friends of the Chefs. And to foodies, that�s a bit like lacing up with the Great One.

For detailed information regarding Entr�e Canada�s unique Adventures for the Gourmet package, visit our website at


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