Romantic Getaways

Resort staff have become quite expert at inspiring and celebrating affairs of the heart.

A purposeful mix of hedonistic comfort, sensuous cuisine, super natural adventure, full-sensory spa services, heavenly comfort, and complete and total privacy - is positively primal.

Positively Primal

Couples travelling from nearby Seattle or Vancouver often prefer the three and four night all-inclusive escapes that can be booked on a whim, but deliver generous spark and respite from urban chaos.

Escape From Urban Chaos

Seven night packages promise more opportunities for romance and adventure than just about anywhere -- more inspiring landscapes, more breathtaking activities, more otherworldly cuisine, and more intimate accommodation.

Romance & Adventure

So when the time comes to re-kindle the fires or ignite new ones, rely on the combined magic of the ancient rainforest and Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.

Romance is yours for the asking, and we bet the answer is "yes".