Remote Luxury

Relaxing Massage

Massage helps heal and rejuvenate body and spirit. Through the application of various techniques massage can increase range of motion, heal injury, strengthen the immune system, tone muscles and eliminate toxins.


This massage is ideally suited to relieve eco-adventure-weary and sore muscles. Through light, moderate or deep tissue manipulation, each muscle group is stroked and attended to. Choose full-body massage of concentrate on specific areas of discomfort or concern.
1 hour - $150.00 1.5 hours - $200.00

Hot Stone

A combination of Swedish massage (described above) with the added benefit of deep-heat penetration from the application of hot stones massaged over the body. To relax and alleviate stress, choose all-over massage, or request concentration on specific areas of the body.
1 hour - $150.00 1.5 hours - $200.00