Facilities and Amenities - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts

Facilities and Amenities

Unique Venues

Bedwell River Outpost

The newly-expanded Outpost is better-equipped than ever to handle small and medium-sized corporate retreats. The new ranch-style cookhouse can accommodate up to 75 theatre-style, and more than 100 for cocktail-style receptions. The new family suite tents can be called into service with existing deluxe guest tents, to sleep up to 46 guests ( up to 60 for family-oriented events like weddings and reunions) in complete luxury. A further 8-10 event planners and support staff can be accommodated in bunk houses.

A great white canvas meeting tent, together with four break-out tents provide ample conference and meeting space, and the resorts new wireless internet servers and state-of the-art audio-visual platforms satisfy the most demanding clients.

IT Expertise

At Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, IT stands for "innovative thinkers." Our directors of sales, activities, food and beverage, and operations are the best in their fields; and since up here the fields are really big and really far apart, innovation is a matter of survival. The resort host ssmall and medium-size corporate undertakings from all over the world that require 24/7 commitment. We rise to every challenge, make things happen, get results, and meet budgets. Use your own people to direct your conference or use ours with confidence.


Thanks to state-of-the-art satellite technology, remote does not mean out-of-touch. Resort satellite internet service operates at speeds ten times faster than the average modem and three times faster than ISDN. Complimentary wireless internet service accommodates guests travelling with wireless-ready portable PCs, and central computers provide 24/7 internet access to guests travelling light.

Audio Visual

The resort has a state-of-the-art audio visual platforms to accommodate current presentation and classroom-format meetings. On-site IT assistance, familiar with large screen projection, video, DVD, powerpoint, slide presentations, and teleconferencing keeps meetings running smoothly.

Capacities Overview

 Meeting Tent (16.5 x 14' - 10' ceiling)5040503 x 10 35-
 Mears (16.5 x 14' - 10' ceiling)   1 x 10   
 Flores (16.5 x 14' - 10' ceiling)   1 x 10   
 Clayoquot (16.5 x 14' - 10' ceiling)   1 x 10   
 Wilderness (16.5 x 14' - 10' ceiling)   1 x 10   
 Cookhouse75501005 x 10 40-


  • Complimentary wireless internet access for personal portables
  • Complimentary high-speed internet access via on-site PC
  • Full a/v capability for meetings in the longhouse, meetings tent and cookhouse.
  • Meetings and Retreats convener