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Green Chip Companies Set the New Gold Standard

As we grow into the so-called 'enlightened' 21st century, it is increasingly apparent that so many of us still, are not. In our collective search for bigger, better, faster and more, we are consuming the planet and destroying wildlife. And, for those of us that survived (dare I say, 'prospered in'?) the hyper-consumptive 80s', the road to enlightenment is especially bumpy. Thankfully, guests of the resorts and its representatives all over the world, are part of a massive wave of change for the better. It is true that money, your money, talks. It speaks for fragile environments and endangered animals that cannot speak for themselves. It also affords us choice - to buy organic produce, fuel-efficient cars, energyefficient homes, fair-trade clothing, clean water, even green vacations - vacations that leave the world a better place. Green vacations represent one of the fastest growing segments of the travel industry.

And the squeamish needn't worry, for there are many shades of green - hence the phrase "soft adventure and soft beds". For most city folk, soggy pop-up tents sans bathroom hold little appeal, and for this they need not apologize. Surely, many could hold their own if lost in the woods, but would they opt-in for the annual family vacation? Perhaps not. Maybe later, when the children can pack, paddle, zip and unzip on their own.

Thankfully, driven by a new corporate conscience, companies like Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts & Spa have stepped-up to the plate, developing all manner of green products and services that meet or exceed market expectations. Granted, the price of green may be higher in the short term, but if consumer and shareholder satisfaction are indicators of future economic standards, then green is most definitely the new gold.