Bear Watching - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts

Bear Watching

Bear Sighting are Commonplace

Bear watching at the Outpost during late summer months especially requires little or no effort.

During the spring and early summer, when the bears are feasting on berries, an early morning or dinner time ride or walk around the compound will most-often lead to sightings of black bear in the undergrowth, or at water's edge, upturning rocks along the shore.

But in late summer and early autumn, the bears put on a show of their own. Often, in the early morning and sometimes again around dinner time, a half-dozen or so bear first visit the hay field up-river by the barn - where they snack on tender young hay shoots before making their way down river to the estuary for a main course of spawning salmon.

Bandit' Off-Duty

Horseback riding adventures very often turn into bear watching expeditions, and as the resorts' salmon habitat enhancement program grows, so too will the resident population of black bear. See the Conservancy page for details on salmon habitat enhancement and other environmental programs.

Left to their own black bear are harmless and completely uninterested in resort goings-on. A strict no-food-in-the-guest-tents policy and a very efficient family of bear-chasing guide dogs keep nosy bears safely out of the camp.