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Raptor Rehabilitation

Injured Eagle

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is working closely with the O.W.L .(Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation) Society of Delta, British Columbia, to rehabilitate injured or orphaned birds of prey and return them to the wild.

Growing in direct proportion to the negative impact urban encroachment has on endangered raptors (eagles, owls, hawks and falcons), is the importance of OWL's Return to the Wild program.

Prior to entering into this landmark joint-venture with the resorts, OWL had no resources to build or operate much-needed flight pens in wilderness areas where specific species could be naturalized and re-introduced following rehabilitation.

Prior to release, rehabilitated raptors must spend at least two supervised weeks in flight pens, being acclimatized to the sights and sounds of their new surroundings.

Outpost Flight Pen
Ready, Set, Go

A new flight pen located near the barns, on Outpost property, is the first of several planned for the program. Already, several wild bald eagles, newly recovered from illness and injury, have been returned, successfully, to the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere.

A permanent guest of the resorts' raptor rehab program, is 'Isabelle' the red-tailed hawk. Isabelle was already inprinted (confused about whether she was a hawk or a human) when she came to OWL as a fledgling in 2005.

It is unlikely that she will ever be able to fend for herself in the wild, so she will remain at the Outpost, educating guests and welcoming visiting raptors to the program.


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