Marine Inventory - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts

Marine Inventory

Underwater Frontier

The world community acknowledges the vast richness of the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere, but relatively little is known about some of its inner-most regions.

Due to depth limitations of scuba divers, a very limited amount is understood about the habitat and distribution of marine organisms at depths greater than 500 ft.

To protect the Biosphere's overall marine habitat, meaningful knowledge and understanding of how deep marine eco-systems relate to tidal and sub-tidal habitats, is essential.

In May of 2004, the resorts began work with Josie Osborne, Regional Biologist for the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council.

Using an underwater ROV (remote operated vehicle) equipped with powerful lights and cameras, a team of biologists and resort guests started cataloguing marine organisms by depth.
ROV on the Fly

The resulting video footage represents the beginning of a long process of building a permanent record to be made available to scientists and resource managers working within the Biosphere.

Phase one of the ROV project was partially-underwritten By Allianze Insurance Group of Austria. Subsequent dives are planned for the future.

Resort Guests in Action

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