Yoga by Firelight

Outpost treatment tents promise gorgeous views of the Bedwell River estuary as well as sensory pleasures like Hot Stone and Swedish, massage, plus aromatherapy, spa manicures and pedicures, hair removal, body wraps and salt glows, and a menu of services for gentlemen.

Gentle pursuits like morning stretch or yoga classes are custom-made to order.

Outpost massage therapists prefer the Sea Flora, Yonka Paris and TrueFitt & Hill product lines which provide female and male skin of all types and ages, the perfect nutritional nourishment needed for healing and a healthy glow.

Swedish Massage

Swedish - 60, 90 minutes

Ideally suited to relieve eco-adventure-weary and sore muscles. Through light, moderate or deep tissue manipulation, each muscle group is stroked and attended to. Choose full-body massage of concentrate on specific areas of discomfort or concern.

Hot Stone - 60, 90 minutes

Swedish massage with the added benefit of deep-heat penetration from the application of hot stones massaged over the body. To relax and alleviate stress, choose all-over massage, or, request focus on specific areas of the body.

For complete treatment and skincare product details visit our Healing Grounds pages.

Body Treatments

Healing Grounds body treatments are as unique as our guests. Choose from general wellness, contouring, firming or hydration preparations.

Westcoast Seaweed Body Wrap - 75 minutes

Experience the healing properties of the sea. A full body sea salt scrub prepares your skin for a seaweed wrap that re-mineralizes, firms and re-generates skin. A 15-minute massage to finish leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Pacific Coast Salt Glow and Seaweed Wrap - 75 minutes

A full body exfoliation with Pacific sea salt softens and refines the skin in preparation for a restorative seaweed wrap to re-mineralize, re-generate and firm. Ascend slowly from bliss with a luxurious 15-minute massage.

La Stone Facial for Women or Men - 75 minutes

Our trademark take on facial skin therapy begins with a luxurious European style facial and includes the alternating temperature benefits of hot basalt stones and cool marble. This balanced and comprehensive treatment speaks to mind body and soul. Exquisite.

Wilderness Bliss for Women - 75 minutes

No two women are alike, and neither are our facials. Using the finest botanical products from Yonka Paris, resort skin therapists prepare custom facials to suit skin type, condition and lifestyle. Bliss facials leave guests rejuvenated, relaxed and ready for another day of adventure.

Bespoke Royal Facial for Men - 75 minutes

A truly tailor made-to-order facial offered with gentlemen in mind. Our Healing Grounds skin therapist will prepare a skin and lifestyle specific facial to rejuvenate, renew and de-stress. 'Bespoked' in Imperial style.

Gentlemen's Morning Groom - 45 minutes

Sit back, relax and escape to a time when shaving was a luxury. Our Morning Groom begins and ends with with TrueFitt & Hill of London -- purveyor of superior quality, natural fragrance gentlemen's shaving and personal grooming products since 1805. Begin with a series of hot towels applied to the fact and neck. A gentle exfoliation prepares the skin for a close, straight razor shave. Finish with a cooling fruit mask to leave skin soothed and refreshed.

Ocean Odyssey For Feet - 60 minutes

For Men. A soothing sea kelp soak begins a voyage to healthy, more attractive feet. The voyage begins with an exfoliating scrub and includes nail and callus treatment. Follow with a foot and lower leg massage with beneficial botanicals to sooth trail weary muscles, and finish with a luxurious paraffin wax treatment to help lock-in active ingredients and polish skin.

Seaweed For Your Soles - 60 minutes

For Women. The sea promises remarkable healing properties for the feet, and our Pacific Ocean delivers a remarkably soothing and restorative sea kelp foot soak, followed closely by a rockweed exfoliant to smooth and polish. Next, a relaxing foot and lower leg massage. Finish with a paraffin wax treatment to seal in moisture and goodness and a no-polish nail buff.

All Outpost packages included unlimited use of spa compound facilities (sauna, hot tubs, sun decks, etc), plus a pre-determined number of massage hours. Additional massage hours can be purchased as desired. See the Rates & Packages page for details.