Lounge Tents - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts

Lounge Tents

No true safari, eco or otherwise, would be complete without at least one tent assigned to the pursuit of sensory pleasures like reading, games, lounging and select barrel-aged spirits.

The Outpost has two such lounges - a games tent, and a library tent. The former, a plush turn-of-the-century Gentlemen's-Club-like collection of dark polished woods, opulent fabrics and burnished leather, where guests lose themselves in the lost arts of conversation and low-tech competition.

Antique furnishings display an impressive collection of antique and contemporary games of chance and skill.

Inspired Settings

Belying its presentation as an overstuffed country house reading room, the library lounge is in fact an ultra-modern satellite-internet café.

A loaded PC stands ready to connect guests to the outside world, and a router permits complimentary wireless internet access via portable computer from anywhere within 100' range.