In-Room Amenities - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts

In-Room Amenities

By design there is no in-room telephone or television, but cellular phone access is available in the cookhouse. The resorts communicate with each other, their marine fleet, the Canadian Coastguard and other essential services via a failsafe VHF radio system.

Should you forget a toothbrush, sunscreen, film or other personal item, rest assured that the gift shop will have a supply. Packaged post cards, logo wear, hats, First Nations carvings and other items are available for purchase in the gift shop as well.

In your tented accommodations you will find:

  • Deserving Thyme skin and body care products
  • Plush terry cotton robes
  • Exercise sandals/slippers
  • Plush cotton towels
  • Welcome basket
  • Earthenware springwater cooler
  • Bottled spring water
  • Clothes hangers & luggage rack
  • Facial tissue, nail brush, loafah
  • Hair dryer and a/c outlets
  • Insect repellent
  • Air horn (for emergencies)
  • Butane lighter (for candles & lamps)
  • Flashlight (in case of generator failure)
  • Current periodicals and classic books
  • Stationery, postcards, resort guide
  • Wildlife directory
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