Top 50 Ranches is celebrating Valentine’s Day with their first ever contest on Pinterest! Create a board showing what your dream Top50 Ranch vacation looks like for a chance to win $1000 toward your Top50 Ranch Vacation.

Don’t forget to include images of all aspects of your dream Top50 Ranch vacation: food, lodging, activities, and of course, the beautiful scenery!

Your chance to Win:

1. Follow us on Pinterest ( and create a board named “My Dream Top50 Ranch Vacation”

2. Include the following pins on your board:

*Include at least five (5) images from

*Include at least four (4) images from any of the Top50 Ranches personal websites. For a full list of qualifying ranches click here: all Top50 Ranch Vacations.

3. Once your board is created, share your link on the Top50 Ranches Facebook page.

4. Encourage your family, friends and Top50 Facebook fans to interact with your board - encourage them to ‘Like’ and ‘Repin’!

The Winner: The most attractive board AND the board with the most likes and repins wins! If a tie occurs, a random winner will be drawn.

Deadline: Submit your board by February 12, 2013 The winner will be chosen on February 14!

What you will win: $1000 toward the ranch of your Dreams!

*$1000 applied to the Top50 Ranch Vacation of your Dreams(applied to 2013 travel to any of the Top50 Ranches)!

*Welcome package upon arrival at your specified Top50 Ranch!

Please Note:

*The $1000 will be sent direct to the chosen ranch by Top50 to be applied to your Chosen 2013 Top50 Ranch Vacation.

A big thank you to all of our guests that have taken the time to write a review for us that has managed to get us listed TWICE with TripAdvisors’ esteemed Travelers’ Choice Awards.

We are proud to say that we are listed as #3 in Top Small Hotels in Canada and #5 for Top Luxury Hotels in Canada.

Without you, our guests, we would not be able to say this so…THANK YOU TO YOU! We have some of the best guests in the world and are lucky enough to have a high percentage that return year after year to re-discover their love for the wilderness and be welcomed home once again to the outdoor luxury camping retreat.


Thank you to Resorts and Lodges for their review of Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in their latest article  - Top British Columbia Guest Ranches.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Here 2 video clips that show our amazing team of horses we have here at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.

The first one, “Horses Running Wild” is our 30 horses being set free into the field after being in our barn for a little while.

Their energy and love for being outdoors brings such a smile to our faces!

This one is the horses after they’ve been out for a little while. Look at them run!

These amazing creatures are here for your enjoyment while with us at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort here on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia Canada!

Call or email us for more details!


One of the greatest things about living out at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in the off season is being able to look after our 30+ horses. The beautiful team that we have has been with us for a while and some of you may be familiar with a few of them yourselves!

From our different activities that we offer here at the resort, you as a guest, have the ability to take these amazing creatures out for a ride or maybe even a horse 101. Yup, that’s right! We are taking you back to school, horse school that is! In a 101, you will learn basic grooming techniques and are able to get closer to our amazing team of horses!

So, whether it’s taking them for a ride or just watching them in the field doing their horse thing, there really is nothing quite like the vision of the horses letting loose!




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