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Our Family

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort offers remote Canadian wilderness vacations, but behind the five-star cuisine, the spa and the great white tents with their fluffy duvets and antiques, there is a deep and meaningful commitment to restoring the land. Offering holidays that live in memory banks, while enabling guests to be part of important salmon and wildlife restoration work through the Environmental Legacy Program, takes a special team.

From the moment that guests step off the floatplane, to that first glass of sparkling wine, to that hike through old growth forest, the resort staff (and their dogs) are there to offer a guest experience that is restoring the soul and this beautiful land.

The Founders

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is owned by the Genovese Family Trust. It all started with Richard Genovese who had a vision for a new concept five-star wilderness resort. His dream was to gently hew an intimate resort out of the untamed landscape of Clayoquot Sound, with thoughtfulness and honour for the land, people and wildlife, a vision that continues to this day.
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Managing Directors
Married 36 years, the Catons left a busy life in Ontario for a simpler one in the wilds of Vancouver Island. After years in business and a high-flying stint as a talent scout and recording artist manager for A&M; and Warner Brothers that ended with a major coronary attack, John returned to his family and their farm and started dreaming up his next act, this time in the hospitality business. Following business school for Adele and an internship at a private game preserve in Ontario, they headed west with their boys. Twelve years later they continue to offer wilderness vacations of a lifetime, while conserving the land and helping British Columbia's tourism industry become a world leader in sustainability.
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Chef Orr
Executive Chef Ryan Orr was born and raised in Victoria on the southern end of Vancouver Island. Growing up, Ryan spent his summers on the local beaches with his friends, wading into the lagoons picking up Dungeness Crabs with fishing nets. Ryan has fond memories of his grandfather coming by the house before the sun came up to take him out fishing, always coming home "a little green around the gills" and with stories of the "big one" that got away. Vancouver Island is, and always will be home for Ryan.
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Sue Bosdet
Sue Bosdet, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort's Director of Sales and Marketing is part of the original team that has worked with the Resort since before it even opened. Born in North Vancouver, B.C., Sue's family spent summers camping, canoeing, hiking and fishing at the family cabin in the BC interior and throughout the BC and Alberta National Parks. Building a business and telling the world about a unique remote luxury Resort on the West Coast is truly a dream job for Sue. From the moment she took her first boat ride to the original Floating Resort, guided by a First Nations driver/storyteller, she was blown away by the beauty of the region and knew it would become a big part of her life.

The Crew
It takes a remarkable team of people to provide the Clayoquot Wilderness experience, where nature adventure meets personalized service. From the office staff to those in the kitchen to the servers and the sommelier to the nature guides, this distinct collection of multi-talented individuals are more family than staff. Some spend the offseason travelling or working in other resorts or honing their craft, but the draw of this remote paradise, and the opportunity to share it with visitors from around the world, continues to bring them back year after year.

Courtney Caton & Cosy Lawson, Laterra & Brennan & Buddy
Chad Caton & Shari Wright, Rylee & Hazard & Shifty
Tim & Sandy May, Maddelyn, Evan & Scarlett & Roxy
Chuck Eldred & Camille MacIntosh, Rayden & Max
The Orr Family
Dickson Coatsworth
Mathieu Roy & Meesha
Lucas Bathurst
Dave Tom
Qaamina Sam & Ruth Sam
Estella Charleson
Carl Cawston
Jamie Bale
Tyler Rainville
Tereza Roux
Sophie Doucet
Marc Tracey
Cameron Scarth
Nic Smith
Katrina Sam

The Bedwell Babes
The Dogs & Horses

Environmental Legacy Experts
Clayoquot Wilderness Resort has a strong and long-standing commitment to sustainability and John Caton calls on partners and experts to help with his conservation efforts. The resort has spent a decade and millions of dollars rehabilitating many miles of salmon spawning grounds. Wild Pacific salmon populations are drastically declining on the Pacific Coast as salmon fight environmental pressures such as overfishing, disease, ocean and river warming, loss of sustainable freshwater habitat and a reduction in food sources. John has been passionate about this cause and, with the resort's investment and the help of guests and other private funding, has been able to work with such experts as Kurt Beardslee, the director of the Wild Fish Conservancy and scientist Audrey Thompson to discover more ways to help preserve our wild salmon stocks. For more details visit our blog.

First Nations Partners
The resort team recognizes and respects the local first nations and is proud of its partnerships with the Ahousaht people in Clayoquot Sound to restore the land and share their ancestral legacies with visitors from around the world. In addition to working with the Ahousaht people as invaluable guides, in 2008/09, the resort has been dedicated to establishing a protocol between the resort and the Ahousaht First Nations. This will outline the general principles to build partnerships in tourism businesses that will provide economic development in the community. Working closely with Ahousaht First Nations are Chief Councillor Keith Atleo, Deputy Chief John Frank and Alistair Haughton, President of ARG Services to fulfill this vision.