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All high-resolution images available for download and shown on the Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts & Spa image bank pages, are offered and supplied to you on a usage-fee-free basis subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. All images must appear together with print, broadcast or web travel editorial directly related to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.
  2. All supporting text, in the form of cutlines and/or sidebars and/or supers, must attribute published images to Clayoquot Wilderness Resort properties specifically and must not simply be attributed to a geographic region (ie: British Columbia), lifestyle (ie: couples) , activity (ie: horse back riding), or industry (ie: travel/tourism).
  3. All photographer credits, as supplied for each image, must be noted in a fashion that is known by the associated publishing and/or broadcast industry to be acceptable for the medium in which it appears.

Any usage of supplied images for any other purpose, in under any other circumstances or in benefit of any other entity, company, person or non-profit or for-profit organization, may result in legal action and/or a usage fee invoice charged to you by the photographer and/or Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Limited.

Fee-free or otherwise limited usage does not extend to any other non-image bank images or text appearing on or comprising any part of the website (or any other associated Clayoquot Wilderness Resort websites or URLs), and as such are protected by copyright.

Usage indicates acceptance of terms as described above.