The Best of the Best in the Wilderness

Your lift to another world

We have teamed up with Atleo River Air Service to bring you this amazing activity here in the wilderness. Imagine lifting off from the resort for a scenic tour of Clayoquot Sound or landing on a remote glacier to hike under the summer sun!

The possibilities are endless!

How about some heli-fishing?


You will take off right from the resort and land at one of our surrounding lakes or rivers for a day of fly fishing for Steelhead or Rainbow Trout. The day will be spent with one of our knowledgeable guides that will either assist you in learning more about fishing or just be there to fish with you!


The view from the top of the Urses Valley to the Pacific Ocean!

Ask your Activities Director about this unique and amazing activity and take full advantage of our beautiful wilderness that surrounds us.


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  • Marc Z says:

    This is an amazing option! I would love the chance to take a helicopter ride to a remote fishing spot without so much as having to leave the lawn of the resort.
    This is a great way to truly view the region as well; so cool.

    My name is Marc, and aside from my want to jump into a helicopter for a fishing trip, I also work with Bescover.
    If you would like to connect via Facebook and leave a comment about your Inn for our travelers, don’t hesitate to do so, you can find us at: Facebook/Bescover. You may not recognize the name, but we’re brought to you by the Lanier Family!

    Have a great week.

  • Clayoquot Wilderness Resort says:

    Hi Marc!

    Thanks so much for your note and what a great business you are a part of!
    Yes, the helicopter is a wonderful thing and with the nature that surrounds us out here in Clayoquot sound, the tours are breathtaking!
    You can also find us at the following link for Facebook:
    We also tweet @ClayoquotResort as well as Pinterest - check out our side bar for the links.
    Look forward to keeping in touch with you!

    All the best,

  • Marc Z says:

    I will definitely connect with you on FB and twitter; we are working on getting our pinterest page up soon, I will need to pin this blog once we do so. A helicopter ride is such a unique and romantic idea that I’m sure other travelers would love to know more about the option.
    Thanks again for the info Kathy.

    • Clayoquot Wilderness Resort says:

      Hi Marc,

      Would love to connect on all platforms! Pinterest is super fun.
      Happy you like the blog and are wanting to share it. It’s always good to hear that what you are saying is appreciated.
      The helicopter is taking off as a great activity here and we are more than happy to speak, tweet, pin and blog about it!

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