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Healing Grounds Spa, British Columbia, Canada

A journey to clarity and balance beginning with an indulgent hot seawater and sea salt foot soak. Next, an invigorating head-to-toe dry brush in face and body in preparation for an unforgettable massage experience. Choose hot stone or custom-blended aromatherapy oils with light, moderate or deep tissue massage.
2 hours - $225.00

This massage is ideally suited to relieve eco-adventure-weary and sore muscles. Through light, moderate or deep tissue manipulation, each muscle group is stroked and attended to. Choose full-body massage of concentrate on specific areas of discomfort or concern.
1 hour - $145.00 1.5 hours - $180.00

A combination of Swedish massage (described above) with the added benefit of deep-heat penetration from the application of hot stones massaged over the body. To relax and alleviate stress, choose all-over massage, or request concentration on specific areas of the body.
1 hour - $145.00 1.5 hours - $180.00

This massage is usually performed through lightweight clothing. It focuses on the rebalancing of the meridians of the body, using pressure points and stretching of the muscles.
1 hour - $145.00 1.5 hours - $180.00

We provide comfort and relaxation massage to expectant mothers, helping to alleviate pressure and stress in the body and mind.
1 hour - $145.00

*Weather permitting, most spa treatments conclude with an indulgent relax on the decks overlooking Quait Bay. Wrapped in a hypo-allergenic duvet, enjoy a herbal tea blend of choice and let the sights and sound of the rainforest assist in a deliciously slow ascent from deep relaxation.


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