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Healing Grounds Spa, Vancouver Island, Canada

Containing over 90% pure unadulterated seaweed, our Vancouver Island seaweed products are remarkably beneficial, restoring minerals and vitamins to skin suffering from stress-induced vitality loss. Start with a Rockweed exfoliant and Iridaea cream masque. Follow with our healing-touch application of Seaweed Spray Splash toner, and finish with the firming Wild Seaweed Serum. The skin is left feeling as though you had just emerged from the rejuvenating depths of the sea. Equally effective for women and men.
1 hour - $165.00

Our 100% organic product line, Eminence provides female and male skin of all types and ages, the perfect nutritional nourishment needed for a healthy glow. Using fruit and flower based products, custom-blended for individual skin type, (dry, oily, acne, rosacea or normal/combination) we will start you on your way to a more youthful and natural appearance. A full face, neck, and scalp massage complement this rejuvenating facial.
1 hour - $185.00

A combination of meditation and massage makes this treatment a full-body sensory experience. Relax the mind in preparation - sip herbal tea and take in the restorative calm of tranquil Quait Bay. We begin with an arms and legs massage using a skin-type-specific rich Eminence moisturizer. Thus begins the descent to deep, ralaxing bliss that takes place as the restorative, rejuvenating facial unfolds. Truly healing, truly unique.
1.5 hours - $210.00


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