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Healing Grounds Spa, Vancouver Island, Canada

An invigorating exfoliation for dry, dehydrated, mature, non-sensitive skin. Ultra-fiinely crushed almonds help reveal gorgeous skin below the surface - skin that looks and feels soft and supple. Paprika stimulates capillary circulation and oxygenates the skin leaving it with a rosy coloration. Ground ivy tones and tightens pores leaving the body feeling younger and more vital.
45 minutes - $145.00

This rockweed seaweed salt exfoliation is 98% pure seaweed, packed with vitamins, minerals and trace elements to ensure revitalization of the entire body. The gentle scrub removes dead skin and increases circulation to create a healthy glow. Replenishes the body with missing elements and returns a youthful appearance.
45 minutes - $145.00

Rosehip extract, one of nature's most potent sources of Vitamin C, delivers high-quantities of this beneficial anti-oxidant. Maize flowers cleanse pores and remove impurities. Pure honey hydrates the skin, and zinc-oxide calms the body. Relax inside a nurturing cocoon of cotton sheets, plastic and blankets.
1 hour - $165.00

Indulge in a rejuvenating masque with fruit acids - most beneficial to mature and fatigued skin. Rich in fruits and vitamins, this masque creates visible results. The vitamin A found in carrot imparts radiance while the vitamin C-rich orange enriches the skin. Calendula and honey moisturizes beautifully. Truly a feast for the senses.
1 hour - $165.00

A revitalizing and rejuvenating masque created to re-hydrate moisture-starved skin. After a dry exfoliation, a preparation of vitamin-rich sour cherries and lemon is applied as an aid to battle free-radicals and restore firmness. Exotic cinnamon stimulates, cleanses, rejuvenates and refines mature or dry skin. Smells incredibly edible.
1 hour - $165.00

This vitamin-rich treatment focusses on cellulite break-down. Following a dry brush exfoliation, a seaweed firming gel is applied to affected areas, and a gentle Iridaea Seaweed Mask is applied to the balance of the body. To facilitate the breakdown of cellulite, the body is wrapped in layers of warmth. Finally, a massage to further break-down fatty tissue, leaving the skin visibly firmer and more elastic.
1 hour - $165.00

Concentrates on detoxification, through the active fluid-reducing properties of seaweed. Following a dry brush exfoliationry brush, a warm application of seaweed and BC Glacial Clay works its magic. Finally, a warm cocoon wrap and blissful scalp massage.
1 hour - $165.00


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