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Quait Bay Wilderness Activities, British Columbia, Canada

There are plenty of unstructured adventures available in and around Quait Bay.

Hike the miles of old-growth forest trails Surrounding the two private lakes or explore the network of abandoned roads on foot or Mountain bike.

Splash about in the natural waterfall-fed pool or in the cool lakewater shower at the new Healing Grounds Spa.

Swim, dangle toes, find a hammock, nap in the shade, lounge in the sun, go for a walk, skip stones, jig off the docks - do nothing.

State-of-the-art equipment is available for the taking, including mountain bikes and helmets; fishing rods, tackle and bait; kayaks, canoes, life preservers, site maps, field glasses and backpacks.

Guests need only inquire, and they will be suitably outfitted and prepared for a self-guided adventure of a lifetime.

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