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The Outpost at Bedwell River - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts

A typical Outpost day begins with the call of the wild. A loon or an eagle welcomes the sun - inviting its dance of light and leafy shadow against white canvas.

Soon, the percussive quiet is broken again by the gentle footfall of morning coffee en-route from the cookhouse. With a click of a button, a remote-controlled propane woodstove delivers toasty warmth and the camp comes to life.

A gourmet breakfast featuring coastal specialties - like smoked-salmon eggs benedict with organic fruit medley - unfolds at leisure, rolling gently into myriad wilderness activities, educational programs, and spa treatments a la carte.

These in turn roll seamlessly into afternoon hors d'oeuvres and cocktails in the cookhouse. Then, with the calming of the balmy summer breeze, dinner service begins in the intimate bistro or family dining tents, in the cookhouse dining room, or at Chef May's open-kitchen bar.

Après dinner and fabulous dessert, guests convene in the outdoor lounge to recount the day's adventures. A few opt for snooker in the games tent; still others partake of brandy and a good read in the library tent.

At twilight, resort staff tend to the ceremony of lighting the hundreds of lamp-oil torches that light the boardwalks and roadways. Service staff begin turndown, igniting wood-stoves and oil lamps, in anticipation of each guests' return to their tent.

Newlyweds and newly-in-loves are often found soaking in one of three steamy wood- fired hot tubs, gazing out at the moonlit velvet night. And always, the million of stars in the ebony Clayoquot sky bid a brilliant good night to the truly wild at heart.


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