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Whale Watching

Virtually every whale watching expedition produces sightings of grey, humpback or killer (orca) whales. And always, guests return grinning from ear-to-ear from the sheer joy of riding aboard the resorts’ dual Merc-powered pontoon boat.

The combination whale and bear watch includes a visit to Cow Bay, a summer feeding ground of so-called resident grey whales, a trip to ‘seal rock’ to view hundreds of stellar seals and a neighbouring colony of majestic, and very vocal sea lions.

En-route, marine guides will stop at eagle nests and monitor the airwaves and on-board hyrdophone for signs of orca and humpback pods.

And always, the resort mandates a strict hands-off approach to wildlife viewing - maintaining a non-threatening distance and ensuring that guests do not feed or otherwise disturb the animals.


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