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Family Tents

Nine family tents offer a slightly roomier but no less intimate Resort experience. Family tents offer the same queen bed comfort as the deluxe guest tents, but are furnished with a convertible chesterfield (with premium queen mattress), and a larger lounge area with a small games table.

Like the deluxe guest tents, family tents feature Adirondak-style beds dressed with lush down duvets. Thermostat controlled propane wood stoves, antique dressers, opulent area rugs, pressed-glass oil lamps, heirloom accessories, and candles galore promise a romantic, old-world experience.

Wood-fired boilers send hot water to private showers and sinks, and off-site generators provide a/c power for essential comforts like electric light, hairdryers and wireless internet to both deluxe guest and family tents. For environmental sensitivity, modern composting toilets, set in charming cedar outbuildings, rest anonymously behind each tent.