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West Coast Cuisine - Clayoquot Wilderness Resorts

Executive Chef Timothy May's easy-going way with people belies a take-no-prisoners approach to preparing his critically-acclaimed, trademark modern natural cuisine. Each dish starts with the same three ingredients; fresh, local and honest.

A granola at heart, Chef tempers classical training and sophisticated technique with a firm belief in letting ingredients speak for themselves.

Chef insists on supporting the local economy by buying fresh — letting the very nature of the region inspire exploration of a more natural method of preparation.

Regional growers and producers supply small-batch cheeses, giant oysters and scallops, free-range hens, wild salmon and halibut, just-picked berries and wild herbs and mushrooms unique to the rainforest.

Chef's modern natural cuisine favours organic ingredients over conventional, reduction sauces over cream-based, and vernacular themes over flash-in-the-pan culinary trends.

Tim considers the resorts' small size a definite advantage. "With so few guests to look after, there is plenty of time and resources to do something special every day." And special it is.

Chef is currently working on his first cookbook Modern Natural Cuisine - Flavours of the Sea, the Sky and the Sound, but is happy to share recipes. For a look back at some of his favourites, visit the Sounder archives


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