We are currently improving the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on-line experience. In an effort to make sure you find the information you are looking for, we are providing a new direct link to adventure. We invite you then to visit the Bedwell River Outpost.

Secluded Luxury
Trademark Dining Tents
Zen in the Wilderness

Canada's call of the wild whispers softly at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort's Outpost at Bedwell River.

The soul of that wild grew from its original roots at Quait Bay, some five miles as the eagle flies from the Outpost. It was on a Quait Bay link that you clicked. Today, the tiny floating resort at Quait Bay lives only in the collective memory of resort guests, but her spirit and intentions thrive at the Outpost where the wild knows no end and the possibilities goes on forever.

Unbridled by the challenges imposed by the anchored space and conformity of the floating resort at Quait Bay, our trademark paradox of soft adventure and soft beds thrives at the Outpost.

Surrounded only by the energy of the ages and thousands of acres of temperate rainforest, the resort lives in harmony with nature. Like the emerald waters of the Bedwell River that pulse through her veins, the soul of the resort now flows at will to wherever the need is greatest. And that need - for complete and total immersion into one of the last great wilderness frontiers - is growing year by year.

Now, a decade after the seeds of an ambitious idea grew into one of the world's most unique and respected immersion travel experiences for couples and families, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort Limited enters a new and exciting phase of operation. The Outpost has reached the ideal size and intimate proportion and a renewed commitment to conservancy and environmental education drives all guest services, adventures and Environmental Legacy Programs.

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