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River Fishing - Fly fish for fall salmon or cutthroat trout throughout the sound's extensive river system, but be sure to inquire in advance about water levels, hatches and approximately when specific species are expected through.

The Cypre, Megin and Tranquil rivers are the stuff of legend. Access drop-off points by boat, then walk or drive in.

Ocean Fishing - Deep sea fishing excursions are most promising from May through August and average six hours of fishing per day (we call it a half-day). Guests depart at 7 a.m. and return in time for a late lunch, or lay-about until the 1 p.m. launch and fish in the afternoon, returning in time for dinner at about 7 p.m.

Either way, guests enjoy a half-day free to enjoy activities and resort amenities. And, since couples can be split on their passion for fishing, an afternoon at the healing grounds with spa treatments provides a welcome treat.

From May through September, find coho (silver salmon) and sea bass. At the height of summer, giant tyee (king salmon) reign supreme. Halibut are prolific from March through September, and ocean fly fishing is best from July through September; fish for coho (silvers) and rock fish in a 25-foot open-air centre-console vessel.

Lake Fishing - Locals have long-favoured Megin and Pretty Girl lakes as bountiful sources of cutthroat trout. Access is by floatplane however, so transportation surcharges apply. Choose fly or spinning rods.

Young people love to fish off the dock and can easily reel away an afternoon or two. The bridge is a favourite spot to sit and jig within sight of the cookhouse, but far enough away to inspire freedom.

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