June 2012

With all the hard work, come fun as well and our guides know how to do it. One of our guides, swift water kayaking the Bedwell River for log jams and water levels means getting out there and checking it out first hand

Close your eyes and picture this…

Soft candle light fills your tent through the twinkle of tea lights and the sparkle of a lantern or two.

The table is decorated with fresh sprigs of cedar and pine.

Your Ridel glass swirls with a BC vintage that tantalizes your taste buds.

A plate is placed before you with a culinary creation that encapsulates the true meaning of the words – modern natural cuisine.

The person that means the most to you is at your side and slips a smile and a wink as laughter fills the air around you.

You are at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort and you are in love.

In love with the food.

In love with the wine.

In love with the wilderness

In love with life!

As you wander back to your Prospector tent that sits over our estuary, you link arms and sigh. Another day filled with adventure and activities and you know that after a snug night’s sleep, you will awake and do it all over again in the morning.

Experience Clayoquot and its beautiful surroundings before you arrive. From the Bedwell River, to Flores Island and back!

Pair this beauty with our new activity this year for heli-hiking or take a trip to a remote lake for some heli-fishing. The ideas are endless when you are soaring like an eagle!

Our 2012 season has started and we are underway and we still have some spots available. Book your dates now as we are filling up those dates fast.  Email us to see about your vacation this summer! [email protected]

Trip Advisor

We were awarded the Certificate of Excellence – thank you to everyone that has written about their stay here. It is because of you that we are who we are.


If you have taken the time, thank you! If not, we really do love to see what you have to say and so do our future guests. Take a moment and write a review.

Our latest and greatest activity!

Have you ever wanted the thrill of hitting the river in a raft?

Well now you can! Our guides spent the first week of June upgrading their swift water certification to bring you white water rafting! A fabulous activity for kids of all ages!


Tereza Roux, Sommelier, is back for another year and is bringing a whole bunch of goodness with her. Having spent much of the past summers focusing on our local British Columbia wines for their delicious taste and backyard fabulousness, Tereza is keen to get her focus onto more old world wines and stepping up our already fabulous cellar. New to the cellar this year is Bellbird Sauvignon Blanc, NZ. After meeting the wine maker at a round table session at Vancouver hot spot, West, everyone ‘sparkled’ about how elegant this wine was and with their sustainable reputation, perfect for Clayoquot!

Fill your glass with a delicious wine from a fabulous British Columbia Winery

Don’t you worry though, that sensational wine that you tasted the last time you were here will still be in the pouring, maybe a different vintage but same great BC winery, as we are true to our roots. One new BC wine that has Tereza going over the moon for is ‘Sparkling Muscato from Orifino’  one of BC’s fabulous boutique wineries.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort is very active in the preservation of our local rivers and salmon stocks. This is one of our most important advocacies and passions here at the Resort for the reason that salmon is one of the most important keystone species in the ocean.

Wild salmon provide food for our ecosystem and it’s animals i.e.: bears, eagles and wolves. Each of these animals feed on the salmon that run up river. Once completed, they drag the carcass’ into the forest which in turn breaks down and creates the largest natural fertilizer in the world.  It is through this breakdown that we are able to have such healthy forests.

When you visit us here at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort you will have an opportunity to walk in the woods, ride up to old growth forest and to see the result of the circle of life that the salmon help to generate.  Read this great article about the life cycle of salmon: www.salmoncity.net

Camille MacIntosh, Office Manager and Environmental Monitor, was able to attend a meeting in Tofino recently where the protection of our local wild Chinook Salmon was being discussed. Attendees included; the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Doug Palfry who works with Tofino Hatchery, Berry Cortecito who works with Ecosystem Management, Friends of Clayoquot Sound and Carol Schmidt from Omega Pacific Hatchery as well as stakeholders from the local native communities were all present for this important meeting.

We care about the ocean, the forest, the wildlife and all living things and want to see it be here for the next generation.  Please consider not buying farmed salmon and you will be personally helping to preserve this very delicate life cycle.


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